Brixx 'The Foundation'

Taking the island by storm, recording artists Brixx's 'The Foundation' cyphers are definitely something you do not want to miss! Featuring Bermuda's female MC's, these all female cyphers are definitely something we don't see every day.

We first saw volume one in early June and these females definitely brought everything to the table and ate it up! The visuals! The energy?!.. and can we say bars!? This cypher definitely had everyone waiting to see if and when there would be a "Volume 2". Well, one month later our prayers were answered and Volume 2 definitely did not disappoint! All of the MC's went just as hard as the first one!

These cyphers have literally blown us away! Huge shout out to Brixx for having this vision and making it come to life. Female unity in the music industry is something that is definitely needed. Too often we see females going against each other, so these cyphers are definitely one for books! It was refreshing to see everyone come together and create bomb music!

We cannot wait to see if there will be a 'Volume 3'.. the suspense is killing us! Brixx if you're reading this drop us a hint!

If you've missed the cyphers! Here's Volume 2 below!

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