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Music Review by 22Squares

When it comes to the local music scene; Storma is in a league all of his own.  With this album '311 degrees in the shade' he proves that he is creating his own lane in the music industry.  Storma brings us chill vibes that still makes us want to get up and dance at the same damn time and we are here for it!  The theme of the album is definitely a hot one, with some songs being explicit and raunchy lyrics we completely understand the "311 degrees".  Storma touches on things that we probably all think about but don't say out loud, so it's no wonder this project is a whole vibe! We listen to a song and its like "wait a minute I was just thinking about this yesterday".  It's relatable and we love that about this project.
From production right down to the lyrics, the creative minds that were involved in creating this album are absolute geniuses.  
We do have a favourite song on the album and as you can probably guess it is 'Risks' ft. 1443, but it was so difficult to pick a favourite when you can play the album from start to finish without skipping a single song.  And that is rare!
Congrats to Storma and those involved in the creation of this masterpiece! We believe it will go far!

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